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A Family Passion

When Joe Karl and Marianne Schmidt opened a small gift and watch repair shop on the corner of Westbank’s Main and Brown Streets in 1972, they couldn’t have imagined the family legacy they were about to create.

A watchmaker in Berlin before the end of the Second World War, J.K. moved to Montréal in 1952 with the help of a local farmer. Keen to pay the farmer back for helping to bring his family to Canada, J.K. worked on the farm before moving to Montréal. In the city, Marianne became a nanny and J.K. went back to what he loved: fixing mechanical equipment. Following a brief stint in Calgary, Alberta, while working for the Canadian Armed Forces, J.K. and Marianne relocated to Westbank in 1972. J.K. went straight to work fixing watches and clocks for Westbank’s jewellery stores, but Marianne wanted something more for their family.

A family passion
A family passion

Dreaming of owning their own gift store, our first generation of owners opened the doors to JK Schmidt Jewellers on DATE, 1972. In seven short years, J.K. and Marianne moved down the road to the current Main Street location and expanded into three vacant lots.



Brands have come and gone, styles have changed and technology has advanced, but people still trust our family to have the perfect gift for every special occasion. With everything from tie clips and cuff links to the largest selection of Pyrrha Jewellery in the Okanagan, JK Schmidt Jewellers is known for carrying unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else. But, for us, the relationships we’ve built with customers who soon became friends is the true reason behind our success.

The Changing Face of Jewellery

When J.K. and Marianne Schmidt first opened JK Schmidt Jewellers in 1972, everything was done by hand. When people brought in watches or clocks for repair, J.K. would pull out his tools and delicately revive the customer’s timepiece.

Automatic winding and quartz watches, then relatively new technology in the world of watchmaking, were brought in every few years for a thorough cleaning. J.K. would spend weeks of painstaking work cleaning and restoring the piece to its former glory.

J.K.’s attention to detail lives on.

J.K.’s small, handheld tools have been replaced with new technology in specialized care centres. When customers bring in jewellery for repair, Luc, our in-house goldsmith of nearly three decades, takes care to revitalize your jewellery. And, over time as the need has grown, we’ve welcomed two off-site goldsmiths to help more customers love their pieces once again.

Returning to JK Schmidt’s roots, when customers bring in watches for battery replacements, we not only change the battery but clean the case and gaskets to keep your timepiece as clean as the day it was purchased.

A Loyal Community

From Mrs. Westbank to Peachland Ambassador Society and the local favourite Westside Days, we believe in supporting the community that has welcomed us with open arms and made our nearly 50 years in business possible.

We know first-hand that, with the right support team behind you and a little bit of help, you can go anywhere. We’re honoured to play our small role in encouraging that journey, whether that’s through donations to local charitable events, helping you pick out the perfect engagement ring before you ask the big question, or just helping you stay on time with a new watch battery.

It’s because of our community, and because of you, that we’re still here three generations and nearly 50 years later.

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