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Unique Pieces Crafted With Your Vision in Mind

Close your eyes and imagine your dream piece. Whether it’s a bespoke engagement ring or a personalized gift for a friend, we can help you bring that piece to life.

How We Build Your Custom Jewellery

Step 1: Booking

While appointments aren’t required, the best way to start your custom jewellery journey is to book an appointment. That way, when you arrive at JK Schmidt Jewellers, we’re ready to learn more about your design ideas, budget and timeline.

How much does it cost to design custom jewellery?

Every custom jewellery creation is different. Because no two custom projects will ever be the same, there is no fixed price for this service. The labour hours, details, and quality and quantity of materials used determine the cost. Just let us know what you would like, and we’ll start with A FREE QUOTE.

Step 1 - Booking

Step 2: Designing

During your appointment, we’ll tour the showroom together. We have countless designs and brands sure to help inspire your design. Together, we’ll learn what pieces you like, and more importantly, why you like them. This is also the time to bring in any diamonds, gold, gemstones or heirloom pieces you would like to incorporate into your new design.

What if I can’t find anything that’s just right?

Don’t worry—that’s exactly why we offer custom jewellery. We’ll work together to learn your aesthetic preferences and design something that is just right. And you’ll be working with us every step of the way so you can trust that you’ll receive your love-at-first-sight piece.

Step 2 - Designing
Step 3 - Sketching

Step 4: Creating

You love the design and can’t wait to see it on your finger or around your neck. Now that the design has been approved, our goldsmiths will get to work on casting your one-of-a-kind design into a wearable piece of art. Once the cast is complete, your gems are set and the details are added.

Can I recycle old gold to use in my new design?

We don’t recommend reusing old gold. When gold is reworked, it becomes brittle and pitted. This can lead to impurities that detract from the beauty of your design. However, we are happy to take your old gold to use as credit for your new design.

Step 4 - Creating
Love Story Set in Stone

A Love Story
Set in Stone

Learn hoew Kathryn and Jeff
designed their custom engagement
ring and wedding band.

View their case study

Custom Jewellery Design Gallery

More photos coming soon.

Let’s start designing your dream piece!

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